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shortly. >> the clerk: regular hearing for thursday, december 13-rbgs
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2012. the commission does not tolerate outburst or disruption of any kind. if you'd like to speak on an agendized item please fill out a speaker form. and when speaking before the commission, please speak directly into the microphone and state your name for the record. i'd also ask that you turn off any mobile devices that may sound off during the proceedings. i'd like to take roll. commission president fong, here. commission vice president wu, here. iana, present, boren, hillis, here, moore, hee, sugaya, here.
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first on your calendar consideration for items proposed for continuance. item 1, for 1856 pacific avenue, discretionary reviews have been canceled. under your regular calendar, item 12, case 2012.1183t and z amendments to the planning code for fillmore street there's a
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request from the supervisor's office to continue this item to january 10, 2013. we have just learned that item 18 for case 2012.0928dd and d for 2000 20th street all drs have been withdrawn. the only action in your continuance calendar is for item 12, if you so wish. >> president fong: is there any public comment on item 12 for continuance. >> commissioner antonini: move to continue. >> the clerk: commission antonini, aye, borden, aye, hillis, aye, moore, aye, wu,
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aye. 7-0. consenticle considered to be retoon by the planning commission and will be acted on by a single roll call vote. there will be no discussion unless the public requests in which case it will be removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. you have two items commissioners, item 2 case 2012.05952(c) and item 3, 2012.6069(e) request for qunel use authorization. note that on november 29 following public testimony the commission closed the public hearing and adopted attempt to improve with -- with clear
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gazing and continue the item to today's date. >> president fong: is there any public comment on the two items on the consent calendar? seeing none, commissioner antonini. >> commissioner antonini: move to approve. >> second. >> the clerk: on that motion, commissioner antonini, aye, commissioner borden, aye, hillis, wu, aye, fong, aye. so moved that passes unanimously. commissioners, we are going to call items 9(a) and b out of order. at 4 i 22 vincente street. >> ask the commission to recuse myself as we prepared materials for the project sponsor.
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>> move to recuse commissioner sugaya. >> second. >> on the motion to recuse, commissioner antonini, aye, commissioner borden, aye, commissioner wu, aye, commissioner fong, aye. so moved. >> good afternoon, president fong, members of the planning commission, staff tom wang, discretionary review case. this is discretionary review involving demolition in a new building. the proposal is to demolish an existing two story vacant single family dwelling with a non-functional garage and
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replace it with a new single family dwelling, two story over garage. the report provided by the project sponsor, the department believes the -- demonstrated the existing structure is unsound. and then the project also meets the majority of the 16 criteria on the residential demolition. therefore we would recommend the approval of the -- of this demolition. for the proposed new building, this is two-story over garage, the department does have some concerns and the reason said although the -- the design of the new building meets all the applicable provisions of the planning code, however it is not fully consistent with the residential design guidelines.
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in the staff report, there are three areas. we would recommend to be modified. first, set the third story back fully 15 feet from the main front building wall in order to limit its visibility from the street. currently around the subject -- the majority -- or even the houses along the subject -- there are two story tall and the proposal is for a three-story building. therefore residential design guidelines calls for a setback of 15 feet from the main front building wall. second, reduce the width of the garage door from 12 feet to 10 feet and the reason is that -- is to prevent the replacement of dwelling to garage entrance from becoming a dominant facade feature. also, again, current houses -- surrounding houses on the
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subject about-face, they all have narrower garage doors such as 10 feet wide. at the last reduce the building mass of the third story either by setting it -- its rear wall back eight feet to be -- an advantage between the depth of the rear building walls of the two adjacent buildings, or by creating a 204 square feet notch on the third floor, measuring from the third floor northeast corner 17 feet around the north side wall and 12 feet along the east side wall. staff has a little -- to demonstrate this number three modification.
2:28 pm
this is what the project sponsor proposed for the third story. there's a small notch that's three feet wide and 15 feet deep and the department does not believe it's enough to address the existing -- open space, as well as the concerns raised by adjacent property owner at 414 vincente street. there are two options. option a, this -- it is in proportion to this map here, to set the rear building wall back eight feet towards front, and the -- area, that means the building mass would have been reduced.
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or option b, is to create a larger building notch over the northeast corner, and with the respective dimensions. and these three modifications, the department would recommend. however, the project sponsor declined to take any modifications based upon the department's recommendation. over all, the department would recommend approval of the demolition and the new building with modification and the over all reason the project will replace unsound family -- and no -- parking with single family dwelling containing four bedrooms and off street parking. no tenants will be displaced as a result of

December 13, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm PST

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